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On to November

Now that the majority of the results are in for the May 12, primary in the Legislative District 15 race, I want to thank all of those who voted for me. We plan on a vigorous effort to continue to bring our message of conservative values to the citizens of Dodge County in the coming months.

The advent of the COVID-19 virus has certainly changed the way we were able to campaign, limiting door-to-door visits, leaflet drops, and attendance at community events as well as opportunities for fund raisers and campaign events.

We were significantly outspent by a candidate who relied on raising most of her funds from political action and special interest groups out of Omaha and Lincoln. Many of these groups advocate for liberal policies that do not represent Dodge County voters.

Over the next six months our campaign will continue to spread its message of protecting the unborn, fighting for Second Amendment rights and brining tax relief to the citizens of Dodge County and the State of Nebraska as we face this COVID-19 virus and its impact on us.

We look forward to a greater opportunity to visit with residents of Fremont, Inglewood, Ames, North Bend, Snyder, Dodge, Winslow, Nickerson, Scribner Uehling and Hooper as we spread our conserve message.

Rogers for Legislature, 845 Nye Avenue, Fremont, NE 68025
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