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Rogers' Interview with Fremont Tribune

Fremont entrepreneur seeking election to Nebraska Legislature

·         COLLIN SPILINEK Fremont Tribune

·         Nov 19, 2019


Fremont entrepreneur David Rogers announced earlier this month he will be seeking election to the Nebraska Legislature in District 15 in 2020.


Rogers will challenge current State Sen. Lynne Walz, who was elected to the Legislature in 2016. District 15 encompasses Dodge County, which has more than 36,000 residents.


Rogers, who has lived in Fremont for almost 15 years and in Nebraska for more than 30, is the owner and president of Professional HPP Services, a high-pressure pasteurization company that repairs and services ultrahigh pressure equipment worldwide.


Rogers, a U.S. Air Force veteran, is also an adjunct professor of cybersecurity at Bellevue University. He has received a bachelor’s degree in electronics management and master’s degree in computer systems management.


Although candidates are not allowed to file to run until Dec. 2, Rogers said he will file as soon as he can. He has already filed with the State Accountability and Disclosure Commission.


If elected, the biggest goal for Rogers will be to lower property taxes, he said, as Nebraska has some of the highest tax rates in the nation.


“It’s killing our farmers, it’s killing our homeowners, it’s killing our vets,” he said. “And every year, I hear our politicians say, ‘We want to spend more on this, spend more on that, spend more. Spending’s not the problem.’ Spending is the problem. They just want to keep raising taxes, and it’s just frustrating for me and for people I talk to.”


Rogers said he wants to eliminate wasteful spending by the Legislature. He said he was glad to see senators vote to tax internet sales last year, and said the extra income should be used to lower taxes


 “That’s something that I’m sure they’ll be fighting about in the next session, and I’ve heard a number of senators that want to use that for spending on different things, on different projects,” he said. “But we’re still a high-tax state, so let’s lower taxes.”


Rogers said he was critical of Walz’s vote to override Gov. Pete Ricketts’ veto of Legislative Bill 472, which would allow counties to raise sales taxes.


“The governor is trying to limit spending and bring the taxes down, and we’ve continually had senators that want to go there and increase taxes,” he said. “And even at the town halls I’m listening to, they’re talking about ways to raise taxes and get more revenue. And to me, that’s the wrong way to go.”


Rogers said he will run an anti-abortion, pro-Second Amendment campaign. He also said although Nebraska has a great school system, he wants to make it even better.


“I’ve dealt with youth, I’ve dealt with adults, I’ve dealt with teens,” he said. “And I find that we have a great education system that we can make greater by putting in things that would make them able to contribute immediately in the business world.”


In his time spent teaching at places like Bellevue University and First Data Corporation, Rogers said he believes the education system needs to accentuate skills like entrepreneurship.


“I think that’s something that we need to help our entrepreneurs in Nebraska take advantage to start their own companies and to be able to hire other people and continue to grow businesses in Nebraska,” he said.


Other issues Rogers said he wants to tackle are those of veterans, who face low retirement pay or traveling to medical appointments.


“Obviously, the VA is in Omaha or down in Lincoln, so they have to travel quite a bit to get medical care,” he said. “And that’s something that is challenging for veterans.”


Rogers said he plans to publish a website soon and provide an email address for people to get in contact with him. He also said he plans to hold town halls to hear from people.


Ultimately, Rogers said decreasing taxes will keep people and companies within the state instead of moving elsewhere.


“If we can bring that down, then that will keep our youth here,” he said. “We want to keep Nebraskans here in Nebraska to continue to grow the state.”

Rogers for Legislature, 845 Nye Avenue, Fremont, NE 68025
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